Why Web Design Is Key To Good Business Branding

Every Business Needs A Voice
The Internet has created a digital representation of reality. By this, I mean there are two main worlds that people operate in. On the one hand, there is reality, as we know it, coming home and going to sleep. On the other hand, there is the reality of our digital lives, which is manifest on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as other areas Read the rest of this entry »

All major companies feature an online presence in order to advertise and draw sales. Likewise, many major companies spend thousands of dollars on web design regularly. The general thought is that poor web design hurts sales for websites that sell items. Is that actually the case, though? The reality is that there is no single, straightforward answer for this issue today.

Horrendous web design absolutely turns potential customers away. For instance, a site that looks terrible often receives less traffic. Sites that are difficult Read the rest of this entry »

Image sharing websites seem to popping up everywhere. Since cameras have become so popular, more and more people are feeling the urge to share photos. Although there are many websites that allow photo sharing, there are five websites that seem to offer more than the rest.


This is one of the top websites for photo sharing. SmugMug actually has an emphasis on professional photography, which could be a turnoff for some. A lot of people would agree that this website is Read the rest of this entry »

There are some great places on the web to get website images. This is the one thing that every web designer needs for their site. A website without any pictures will not get many hits. That is why it is good to have an equal balance. Sure, the content may be great, but a site without any pictures is just plain dull.

The best image sites are the ones that are free. This free concept has Read the rest of this entry »

Creating the perfect web design for an internet website takes an eye for color and presentation. Whether the site in question is for business or pleasure, the colors of a site are what welcomes viewers and keeps their interest. Clashing bright colors or too dull of a color palette make site visitors weary of what to expect from the website. These five color choices will keep the hits coming to a website in no time.

Soft periwinkle blue is an exceptional color for a web design, especially if its mixed Read the rest of this entry »

As the internet has grown and expanded, so has the need for businesses to make their presence known through cyberspace. It may even be considered vital for any businesses, big or small, to make itself known on the World Wide Web to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. This is due not only to the fact that the internet makes a business more accessible, but also to keep up with competitors that also have a presence in cyberspace.

With the ease of access that the internet provides, a company hoping to do well should have a Read the rest of this entry »

Web design is a field that many people would like to get into, however, most people don’t know where to start. The first thing that you need to understand is that it is best to start by evaluating different websites. The reason this works is because it will give you an idea of what others are doing and why it works. There are millions of different websites on the internet and each one of them has a different design that caters specifically to their readers. Read the rest of this entry »

Web design and online advertising are linked in a very important way. Owners of poorly designed websites will quickly find that even when using the most powerful advertising methods sales numbers are poor. The reason for this is simple. Poor designs are linked to the inability to hold the attention of the viewer. An excellent example of this would be a cluttered design that confuses the viewer and simply seems like too much of a hassle to navigate.

Ideally, the website should offer a clean look, load quickly, be Read the rest of this entry »